Yg family dating rumors, rumors from saesangs on specific idols (lots of interesting info)

Imagine some of his naive fans believing it is ok to do drugs because oppa does it and it is cool. Russell Simmons Rick Rubin. The source of the image G-Dragon posted on his Instagram warrants these reactions that he is deservedly getting.

YG denies dating rumors between GD and Dara Netizen Buzz

YG Entertainment s Statement on Taeyang and Min Hyo-rin s Marriage

But congtarz to them if they really dating. Doesn't really put out music anymore. They're charismatic tho and seems like a pro. In general drug addiction is a bitch and hard to taper off of. People were enjoying it and so they must continue with it.

Girls Generation s Tiffany gets flack for sharing photo with YG Family

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Newer Post Older Post Home. No more articles are being released about G-Dragon right now when he normally gets meaningless articles all the time. It's an Instagram picture.

If anybody is overreacting or creating drama it actually is G-Dragon. Hyuna splashes the heat away with her water park performance. This is too much pressure.

Interscope Records Empire Distribution. Stupid fans got it taken away. The police shut down and closed the set.

Gdruggie is obviously dumb. Popular Tags Blog Archives. At least if that's where you put the main focus. These idols aren't who you think they are. And the idols who don't give a fuck and do what they want are the ones in these stupid scandals.

Blogger Theme by Lasantha. Now that we gotta deal with Big bro goin to heaven I will not drop the album this month. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. So definitely not ridiculous how people got upset over an insta post.

Anyway, this is not the place to talk about it. They can't insult anything else but their personal lives. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. The dramas they create are dig-worthy. Like I stated before it's more of a will power thing than anything else.

This isn't about shielding anyone. Continue tearing down people who will never know you exist. He didn't post a selfie of him smoking crack.

And the Jessica drama right now. Source of this instagram he got the Molly heart picture from? Perfection isn't attainable. Everybody has issues- it depends if people are strong or not. Esp when they are living In another part of the world.

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Cool she doesn't get a lot of singing parts, known fact. Lots of missing commas and apostrophes. American rapper and actor. But the first pic of Jun Hee is really pretty.

Best World Stage Performance. Jessi shows off her youthful looks. These idols are still human beings. Maraisaa Morning Musume No. But this time, he didn't make it clear.

This ass face couldnt wait a couple months to act out! Im still the most popular idol in korea! Trying hard with drugs, trying hard with media play, dating a med trying hard to ruin the minds of their fans into thinking being a drug addict is something to be proud of. Unfortunately don't care for both of them. Stay the fuck away from them if you dont like it.

There are tryhards everywhere, just mind ya damn biz and do your own thing. Some like to face their own problems while many take out on drugs. As long as a human being isn't harming other people then let them be.

Maybe there will be another survival show. And if you are not their fan then you should not care either. They are trying to live their lives in a society that tells them they can't.

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  1. Good for him, bad for his image.
  2. It's an important distinction to make, imo.
  3. Biography portal California portal.
  4. That bitch Kiko mizuhara he's dating loves drugs and sex, she's disgusting.
  5. Depends on which ones you use, how much dependence you have on them and what is your drug tolerances.
  6. Like damn they didn't even get to do shit in their relationship before it was leaked.
Kim Jong-kook More Dating Rumors
  • It's just that their recent releases were very mediocre.
  • But I guess Dispatch is always trustworthy when it comes to dating news.
  • Maybe pink punk will debut like that and beat sistar, girlsday and apink maaaybe.
  • Americans frown upon drug use, too.
  • If it was about a female idol, she would be kicked out of the industry, no matter how talented she would be.
Who is CL s Boyfriend Lovelife about Lee Chae Rin (CL) of 2NE1

Rumors from saesangs on specific idols (lots of interesting info)

Early Life Bio Family Of YG

Getting all upset over an Instagram photo is just ridiculous. Maybe its impossible for them to sing more because well you know they are not truly a singer. And most of them are gd fans too. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Clara shows off her va va voom figure at a film festival red carpet.

YG (rapper)
Girls Generation s Tiffany gets flack for sharing photo with YG Family

YG Responds To Dating Rumors Between BLACKPINK s Jennie And Teddy

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