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During the ceremony, however, Jackson broke up with Stephanie and told April he loved her and that he always has loved her in front of the entire crowd. She said she never thought that anybody would ever want her with her difficult personality, but that she really wanted him. While Meredith was in the hospital, April and Jackson had an argument because Jackson served her divorce papers. He proposed to her and she happily accepted. Jackson had previously told April he wouldn't be attending her wedding, but she asked him one more time if he would be there.

  1. She felt constantly guilty for losing her patient and couldn't handle any more losses.
  2. He told her there are no guarantees for a life free of suffering or injustice in faith.
  3. April continued to come to work hungover from the night before, even going as far as using banana bags to help her sober up.
  4. An inebriated April seductively asked Tom for a ride, to which he eagerly agreed.
  5. Dex has struggled to fit in since arriving in Summer Bay, and April's the only person so far who really gets him.
  6. April tells Dex and they both agree on going and plan their wedding before they leave and before Indi goes to travel around the world.

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She is also compassionate and understanding. He asked her if she was happy, which made her cry. April arrives in Summer Bay and goes to the beach. Home and Away actress Sam Frost's lover has avoided jail after he was caught with a bag of cocaine at a Bondi pub.

They had another run in when Meredith opened up to April about her miscarriage and not Lexie. However, Bianca announces she is still marrying Vittorio and April refuses to be a bridesmaid. Jackson suggested that they get a divorce and he moved into Ben and Bailey's house to stay separated from April as she would not leave on her own.

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She didn't wake up and they all started to fear for brain damage. Ruby gets rid of the drugs for her, but during her speech, April collapses. He told her to make up her mind about whether or not she wanted to make a life with Matthew or not. He gave her his blessing, but still wasn't sure he would be at the wedding. He noticed April disliked her for her decision while he himself didn't blame her.

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April and Heath then have sex. April often disapproved of his crude humor, but overall seemed to get along with him. However, April continues her relationship with Heath in secret. April and Meredith didn't really start talking until the shooting at the hospital, friend starts dating your when April kept her company during Derek's emergency surgery. She has an extremely close relationship with God and remained a virgin a long time for this reason.

April Kepner

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He asked her for guidance, but, thoroughly shaken by the events of that day, she was unable to provide an answer. She got bored at home and visited the hospital to get some movement. April and Jackson decided to keep the sex of the baby a surprise as April wanted it to be. He tries to apologise to her the next day, but April informs him their relationship is over as she no longer trusts him. And on Thursday, the year-old star showed off her relaxed post-holiday glow in Bondi.

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After the scandal about Harper Avery broke to the press, Maggie found out that Jackson had funded the Contest himself. He tells her whenever he's around her, he loses all thoughts. She assured April she was not average.

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  • Afterward, April was avoiding a conversation with Jackson while he was eager to talk to her.
  • Meanwhile, April noticed the impact Eric Sterling's case had on her colleagues, as the boy was shot by the police while trying to enter his own house through the window.
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She and Matthew continued to spend time together with their daughters. Not far from all the pretty villages in the Cotswolds. Her mother came over and they spent the day at church.


Jackson defended Bailey, but April firmly said they all knew that Eli was dying and that his death was on Bailey. People can either believe in God or believe that to be pointless, whichever makes them happier. She tried to get him to hang on to see his wife, but he believed her to be his wife as he started dying.

April said she did, and Owen approved of this, as all first responders are good guys. April and Bianca's mother, Joanna, arrives for the wedding. When Stephanie came in and started comforting Jackson, April left.

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Xavier thinks they have grown apart and he tries to finds out what is going on. Beds are comfortable and the kitchen well stocked not that we used it much! She was paged back to Karin Taylor's bed since Karin was experiencing pain. However, she does know a lot about raising babies, male hookup websites so that's why she wanted to help.

They succeeded in receiving donations from the other departments but were devastated to find out all of their hard work was wasted. Richard then paged her to David's room. So it's a really hard situation she's found herself in.

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April Cottage is a stunning property, ready for love dating back approximately three hundred years. April supports Xavier through his problems with his stepfather and they begin dating. They began dating in and even sparked engagement rumours in January during a romantic trip to the Maldives.

She severely worsened the fictional situation that injured the dummies and instructed the interns that there were no rules in this harsh, uncaring world. During a routine ultrasound, Stephanie accidentally revealed to April that the baby was a boy. After the shooting, Meredith invited April to move into her home because April had been previously sharing an apartment with her deceased best friend, Reed.

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She continued to sleep with Vik as her downward spiral continued. Stephanie found it out that she was getting an invitation and was allowed to bring a plus one, as she thought Jackson would get an invitation too. Jackson and April worked out a plan with Catherine, inducing labor and cherishing and baptizing the baby before their son would pass away. April assisted her and told her that some things just happen and people don't get to know why, like Eli had told her.

Arizona compiled a bridal bouquet and Sofia served as the flower girl. Lexie and April no longer had any negative feelings towards each other, and even developed a friendship of sorts. She advised Maggie to tell him how she felt, and headed out for incoming patient. She then realized Richard had played her and went to give the contest back to him, but he refused. After solving the complicated case, the two ended up having sex.

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Overall we hope that you enjoyed exploring the area and that you will be back to visit again sometime soon. After the accident, April quit her job to do God's work, which meant devoting herself entirely to the clinic providing healthcare access for Seattle's homeless community. They're the Home and Away sweethearts who are set to tie the knot in coming months, after announcing their engagement last November. After April failed her boards, Cristina showed kindness to her by comforting her after all of the hospitals turned her down.

They still call Australia home! Before taking his daughter home, Jackson stopped by her room. It's always summer in Home and Away's fictional town of Summer Bay. Perfect getaway for a group of friends or family looking for a quiet weekend with great scenery. Dave Bashford, the boyfriend of Home and Away star Sam Frost, has pleaded guilty to the charge of possessing cocaine.


Meredith then held April's hand for the duration of Derek's operation. He figured out that April was in pain and offered to help to take it away, which he considered his job. She then spent the entire day apologizing to people that she had treated badly during her crisis of faith. He noticed her state of mind and offered to keep Harriet, but she took her daughter and closed the door on him right after he saw Tom in April's robe.

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