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  • Prisoners may stay to jail if they lose.
  • However, in ang episodes, Diego's part is ang and is eventually replaced by special guests who bubble for advice.
  • In the end, they will be hit by a gavel.
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In a typical scene from police undercover operation, his cover is blown by Antonietta's insults. Roi Vinzon - known as Armando Soriano from My Husband's Lover and also villainous sometimes protagonistic roles in action films. About a rich gal who loiters the nearby pool who always encounters her rivals. He invented the aerobic exercise Taiko above.

Her orders always bring her nanny to worst. The sketch features different videos uploaded by certain people, egg brain all wearing tube-tops. The twin sisters with contradicting personalities played by Ogie Alcasid and Michael V.

Bubble gang ang dating doon cast

Rez Cortez - known as Judas Iscariot from Lenten film Kristo and also villainous roles in action films. Tio Petto Pepito also provides the voice and actions of Panopio. He usually answers or gives advice to other people by using figurative language. This article needs additional citations for verification. An interview segment hosted by Junee Lee a fictional character played by Michael V.

Wendell Ramos plays their love interest, a boy next door with a Justin Bieber -inspired hairdo. It only has three episodes. The new Pickup Line Battle Champion in The Pickup Lines portrayed by Ogie Alcasid, who uses insults as his pickup lines in his verbal battles in contrast to the standard romantic puns.

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Ang dating doon theme song

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Narda by Kamikazee from Darna. Anthony and Santino respectively. Appeared only once and aired exactly one week before Christmas. If answered correctly, the captive is spared from punishment and is set free.

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Why is it called hotcake even if it is cold? The show experienced a resurfacing in the late and is broadcast once a month. The sketch only aired during the original counterpart's first season. Benjo said to forget about it and reconcile, focus in the match, and listen to every move he says.

In an anniversary concert, site Rey Valera sang this song. Gladys mauls and splashes Antonietta and even dares to complain to Vilma Santos about Antonietta. This sketch shows Michael V's ability to impersonate his fellow cast members. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

  1. Talks about a boyfriend's problem about his girlfriend's morbid obesity and her obsession about food.
  2. Assimo's Mother due to their similar behavior.
  3. Talks about a man and his obviously older but rich girlfriend matrona.
  4. It showed two of the cast of the show, guest Valerie Concepcion and regular Wendell Ramos only appeared once.
  5. The sketch tells about a father Ogie Alcasid telling a story to his son about what really happened to the latter's mother i.

Odette mauls Antonietta for insulting about flying super heroes and her fictional pet. Daddy Dearest An obvious parody as well as a teaser for the then-upcoming drama-comedy My Daddy Dearest. She replaced Evelyn Magpayo who was also portrayed by Michael V. There is a running gag that he is always the victim of the schemes he did not commit and often gets arrested for it.

Parody of the Marvel character, Incredible Hulk. Maricel attacks and insults Antonietta at first but ends up befriending her. But the latter survived at the end of the sketch, taking Betong's character off into himself, and ends up thanking Eula. He was shown holding baseball bats or steel pipes and sometimes wearing a reggae outfit and has a hairstyle which resembles Bob Marley. The recurring gag in the segment has Uncle Jak Michael V.

Understanding doon dating bubble ang gang. It is not to be confused with Ang Dating Daan. Redirected from Ang Dating Doon.

An unnamed character portrayed by Ogie Alcasid who discusses the different contradicting situations of the Filipino society before and after. Appeared in the sketch AlDav. Mylene Dizon - known as Dra. Willy and Chito Franscisco as Bro.

That's doon even important! Benjo said to forget about it and reconcile, focus doon the sad, and listen to every move he says. Their songs are composed of poorly written lyrics either they composed or sent by viewers nationwide. Pete's teachings by also using Nursery Rhymes and Folk Songs, sometimes the same rhymes referenced by Brod.

His mother was portrayed by Ogie Alcasid and his wife was portrayed by Francine Prieto. Her name was revealed as Chacha Lucero. Most of these are featured in Michael V. Always wears caps, loose shirt and sports a beard and moustache.

Ang dating doon theme song

Talks about a drug user's regret. However, in some episodes, Diego's part is skipped and is eventually replaced by special guests who asks for advice. Performed during a concert in Japan.

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Ang Dating Doon Bubble Gang November 25 2011 Replay

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Roi ignores and rejects Antonietta's advances. So the boss tells the recruiter to change the questionnaire and instead, he the boss will ask personality questions for the applicant in essay form. Kitchie's fans mauled her in the end. An Inter-Dialectical spoof newscast which used in Tagalog then in English. In the early episodes of the show, the running gag centers on her picking mostly male audience members who are married or in a relationship, much to the chagrin of their partners.

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Parody of famous musician Ryan Cayabyab portrayed by Ogie Alcasid. Den has an amputated finger, while Berwin has an amputated leg whereas Daffy is complete. His alter ego was a lame man named Ading, wherein his henshin device was a magical bubble gum. As the title says, online dating questions the sketch is a talent show for prisoners.

Is it right or wrong for Efren and I to separate? Stabs Antonietta near the armpit with a fake knife and still bleeds and even predicts the appearance of Eddie Garcia. They both wear black pants and glasses as well. Instead of being the puppet's father, Pepito is Panopio's uncle.

Music video parodies of popular Filipino artists and bands. The mini-show consists of her interaction with most of the audience members that are predominantly male fans whom she picks randomly to taste her newly cooked recipes. Parody of actress Bea Binene. She always criticize Selfie.

Ang dating doon 2014

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