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Sam Swarek knows the streets like the back of his hand. Sam Swarek is a detective and one of the series protagonists. After a month and a half, and in a life-threatening situation when she is holding a grenade, Swarek says to her that he loves her and then he tries to get her back.

Andy and swarek hook up

The next episode shows Andy avoiding Sam, not being able to cope with the fact that Sam is having a baby and it's not with her. When the man is attacked after Marlo confronted him, Andy tells Sam about Marlo being bi-polar and they try to hide her involvement in the case. But Tommy left the force under a cloud, and only Andy knows that now he's hitting the bottle.

Andy and swarek hook up

Andy McNally

She is later convinced to go through with the wedding, and has since been optimistic about her recovery. It is implied she has a new family somewhere else. Nick and Andy have to arrest him and Jarvis is sent to arrest Santana, and Oliver is cleared. He stood up shortly after her.

Rookie Blue

But she leaves him to keep her job. Sam saw her walk and knew he had to get her for the night. She meets Dov when he is trapped by a bomb in a drug lab and saves him. As the episode progresses Oliver becomes the prime suspect in the corruption and the bombing. He believes in the chain of command, following orders, doing the right thing and above all, he believes in defending the weak.

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  • Gail could tell Andy was nervous.
  • They all knew Diaz and Peck were in a relationship.
  • The two begin a new, tentative relationship.
  • While partnered with Andy, the truth comes out, and Andy calls off the engagement.
  • He is dedicated to his job and his friends and is extremely loyal to the point where he has risked his own life several times to save his colleagues.

Andy McNally

Formerly a homicide detective, he has a drinking problem. She is well liked by everyone, but she and Andy end up in situations together as partners. Sam's feelings for Andy continues to grow and he tries to warn her that Luke dates a new rookie every year but it falls to deaf ears. Sam has yet to tell her the truth.

Gail walked out and strutted her stuff. She tells him she loves him and he's her story he passes out. He is dating a witch named Celery, played by Emily Hampshire.

Andy and swarek hook up

They go to appointments about the baby together, and it puts a dent in Andy and Sam's relationship. Being a cop is in her blood. Sam gives Andy her ring back saying he found it in the sheets. He stole a glance at Callaghan. When Sam realizes that he may have lost Andy for good, he pours his heart out, just before getting shot in the station.

Barbara Williams portrays Claire McNally. When her ex-husband kisses her while she is wearing a camera, Chloe attempts to hide the evidence. The calm in the eye of the storm and the consummate confidant, Traci is the anchor for her fellow rookies. He is Chris Diaz's best friend and roommate, florida south and later Gail's roommate as well when she moves in with them.

List of Rookie Blue characters

Noelle is not only great at her job, but she is also an invaluable mentor for the rookies in her division. During the six months in which Andy and Nick are away, Sam moves on and enters into a relationship with her. On their wedding day, Noelle goes missing, and Traci discovers that she is planning to ditch the wedding because she had found a possibly-cancerous lump in her breast. He and Andy begin a relationship shortly after. Then he tries to convince her that breaking up was a mistake, that he will do anything to make it up to her, but she is hurt and not sure he means it.

In the following episode they finally hook up in his undercover apartment. After Luke is shot, she convinces him to do a surveillance job in a hotel room, and they hook up in the end. However, they meet in the following episode and finally hook up. After some time, Holly gets back with Gail. Dov later finds out that she was still married, dating chatham ontario but had never gotten a divorce.

This makes their relationship awkward afterward, but the two talk and make amends later. He knew the auction had started earlier, but Jerry had told him that McNally was last, asian dating zone so he knew there was no reason to be early. Melanie Nicholls-King portrays Noelle Williams.

He is often shown to be overeager to get involved in everything even when it is not necessary for him to do so, much to the chagrin of his more senior colleagues. Andy cries as he gets in his truck and leaves her in the rain. Andy is at their apartment getting ready and Nick shows up to tell her that he won't be going to the wedding and that he's going to Vancouver for the undercover job but he will be back. It is hinted that after the attack she became withdrawn and depressed.

He eventually breaks up with Gail when he finds out that she slept with someone else. On their first date she helps him solve a robbery bank case. The other officers didn't even attempt at bidding. As a result, McNally carries her father's baggage, trying to prove herself. He is known for following his instincts rather than following the book and is thus labeled as a rogue cop by his frustrated superiors.

Chris Diaz is one of the series protagonists. Callaghan made a beeline for their table. She is devastated when Detective Barber is murdered in the line of duty. They are first responders and they are about to learn that no amount of training prepares you for life. He is gone half of the third season due to a task force mission.

  1. Andy's luck with men may be not so thrilling.
  2. Sam decided right then that he was not going to lose to the detective tonight.
  3. He refuses at first but finally agrees after she gives him an ultimatum.
  4. After a while, he realizes that he still has feelings for Gail, only to discover that she is now with Nick Collins.
  5. The series is set in Toronto, sometimes making references to local street names.

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He is often shown to be overeager to get involved in everything even when it is not necessary for him to do so. She is the ultimate rescuer and enabler, but quickly learns that she can't save the world because not everyone wants to be saved. He tells Andy to go see Sam at the hospital, showing that he knows that she can never let go of Sam.

Andy and swarek hook up
List of Rookie Blue characters

He considers a transfer to Timmins at the end of the third season because Denise does not want to live in the city and he still wishes to remain close to his son, Christian. She is always trying to focus on her son and do everything that is best for him. He actively participated in operations and stings, dating cousins coordinating officers and other resources at his disposal. He then files for divorce and moves out.

Noelle from where she stood could see Swarek and Callaghan at the same table. Complications arise both at work and at home as she once dated Detective Jerry Barber until she decided to try to get back together with her son's father, Dex. Despite this seemingly good trait, it makes him unable to take initiative. At work, Sam tries to explain that Marlo just showed up and that she needed help and sleep. She was engaged to Luke, as they were partnered together for three years before leaving to pursue a career opportunity that only one of them could take even though Luke wanted them to stay together.

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